Fall / Winter 2023-2024 Collection

    Just the right amount for each individual.

    In the 9th~12th century, the Normans, who were the Vikings, would drink honey wine in a circle and pass it around.

    The name comes from "Laget om", which means "to share" and "to get just the right amount".

  • The word "right amount" is often seen in practical book and other such phrases. 

    Who is this "right amount" for?

    Well, it is usually the amount of food that one can imagine in general and on average. 

    So, is it the right amount or moderate amount?

    In Japanese, the word "Lagom" can be understood even if the subject is omitted, but I think the subject of the word "Lagom" here is very important: "the right amount (for the person)".

    The Vikings would just laugh at their neighbor's gain, even if it was unexpectedly large or small.

    However, it is sometimes difficult to keep the amount comfortable for the individual. 

    For this fall/winter season, we decided to apply the spirit of "Lagom" to the production process of fabrics and fibers themselves. 

  • By letting nature take its course, the amount of wrinkles is determined by the sunlight, the amount of kempi is determined by the shaking of the wool, and the amount of charcoal traces is determined by the dye margins.

    The collection is made entirely of fabrics that focus on capturing the moment of balance, rather than stopping there or asking for more than necessary.

    The silhouette is a classic style with contrasting functional sleeves and drawcords to increase the range of motion as well as the freedom of how the garment is worn, and the theme is to let the wearer enjoy the "quantity" of each item.


    Photo grapher NAOKI USUDA, Asst. YUKI HORI, Hair and Make-up TOMOHIRO KOGURE, Models KATIE and BARTEK, Thanks FUKA HAMANO and SATOSHI SHINOHARA, Direction by RIE TAMURA