• Designed by Rie Tamura, the WALDE brand offers a timeless style that is cosmopolitan, sophisticated and rich in influences.

    Fall-Winter 2023 collection is available.

  • Spring-Summer 2023 Collection

  • 'UBUNTU'

    'UBUNTU' is a term used in South Africa to describe a philosophical concept. It is the connection of all things, not just people, to each other, and is thought-provoking and timeless.It is difficult to translate into many languages, but I believe it is a universal spirit. It resonates in diverse ways in dialogue with between people, things, history, and nature.Clothing that allows us to change ourselves in the process of trying to know others.


    Photographer NAOKI USUDA, Hair and Make-up TOMOHIRO KOGURE, Models ANNA TATTON and CONSTANT VOISIN, Direction by RIE TAMURA